Wedding Weight Loss: 10 Tips Every Bride Should Know

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The wedding weight loss run is always challenging and that is why we have these tips for every bride to take into consideration before the big day.

  1. Mark a calendar to lose weight

To lose weight consistently, select a consistent schedule. Every bride has to set these goals for a date prior to purchase wedding dress, not the wedding day! Losing a lot of weight after buying the wedding dress means you have to reset the dress, making it much more expensive. Imagine that you cannot lose weight, you will eventually have to buy another dress!

  1. Have a month of strength

With some effort, a month can bring very good results. Gymnastics five days a week, doing 30 minutes of cardio (treadmill, bicycle, step). If work the abdominal and back one day, two days to work the upper body, another two days work to lower body, so you will  be able to meet your striking targets. Ask for an advice to the gym the gym instructor, he sure knows how to help achieve this goal.

  1. Know Yourself and Listen to your body

The best time of day to exercise is when you feel more energy, varying according to your personality. If you are a morning person, go to the gym before going to work. If you are not a morning person, you should train in the evening, because your energy is at its peak at that time.

Do not eat because the clock command, but eat because your body needs. Pay attention to your body. Instead of a few large meals during the day, eat small meals more times a day. Eating smaller meals more often tends to improve the functioning of metabolism.

  1. Keep hydration

Bring a liter of bottled water and means of employment, place it on your side to make sure that YOU MUST DRINK, creating a habit. When you go to the gym, bring water to not dehydrate. If you prefer sports drinks, dilute them by putting each part of the beverage, 2 parts of water. This is the perfect tip to keep a healthy body while on the bride weight loss run.

  1. snacks are your friends

Always walk with small snacks can. With the hectic work schedule most people do not have time to make snacks between the main meals, causing them to eat a few times and in large amounts. This is the right way to gain weight. Always have an apple, a banana, one rod of cereals, will have less desire to eat a pastry pastel before reaching home.

  1. Do not skip meals

Make at least 3 meals a day. Centre all meals on elements such as: chicken, turkey, fish, low fat cheese. These elements are rich in protein and prevent cravings between meals. If you feel hungry, you have not eat enough protein.

  1. Little and slow

Eating should not be considered a contest to see who finishes first! Try eating more slowly, chewing the food and above all enjoying it. Serve the meal in a small dish and a small dose. You will notice that will eat less and be more satisfied.

  1. Always choose whole grain products

The fibers of wholemeal products will take longer to digest than the simple carbohydrates. Use the same principle when making snacks, eat whole wheat bread, nuts, apples or cereals such as granola. Avoid processed food very, very fat and low nutritional value as the fast food because it provides much less energy.

  1. Avoid salt

The salt causes the body to retain more liquids and swell, causing the body to swell. Avoid very spicy food and snacks with high salt content.

  1. Avoid caffeine

Limit caffeine intake to a coffee a day. Too much caffeine destroys the energy that the body naturally possesses, creating the need to eat to restore power. Replace coffee for green tea, as well as giving energy, helps you lose weight.

If you follow such tips you are bound to have excellent results in your wedding weight loss program.


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