Tips for Losing Weight Successfully

Tips for Losing Weight Successfully

There is a lot of advice out there on how to lose weight and keep it off for good. Many of these tips seem to change from time to time, but some stay the same. Here are some tried and true weight loss tips that have stood the test of time and helped many in the quest to shed extra pounds and live a healthier lifestyle.

Plan Ahead

From what they will eat to when and how they will exercise, successful dieters have a plan. When you plan your meals and plan your exercise routines you are less likely to step outside of what you need to eat or do. This makes it easier to maintain the proper diet and keep exercise as a routine in your life. It also prevents you from skipping meals, which can be of detriment to those trying to lose weight. Planning your grocery list and sticking to it when going grocery shopping can also help cut down on needless calories and cravings.

Eat Filling Foods

Eating foods that make you feel fuller for longer will help prevent unhealthy snacking and unnecessary calories. Foods high in fiber and protein include oats, nuts, olives and salmon to name a few. Keep them on hand and incorporate them into your daily food intake plan. Also, remember to drink plenty of water and not confuse hunger with thirst. Consuming enough water will also help curb hunger and cravings.

Exercise Right

Exercise is a very important part of any weight loss regimen. Be sure to add strength training to your exercise routine to help build muscle. Building more muscle tissue will help your body burn more calories, even in a resting state. Also, choose exercise activities that you enjoy. Feeling like exercise is a chore is a sure fire way to ditch your efforts early on.
People who enjoy what they do for exercise stick to their routines for a longer period of time, are more successful at losing weight, and achieving a healthier lifestyle. If you still have problems enjoying exercise, try listening to music, watching TV, or reading a book while exercising. People who zone out during exercise are more entertained and find that the time passes more quickly.

Tips for Losing Weight Successfully

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Eat Intentionally

You want to zone out during exercise, but not during eating. It is important to not eat in front of the TV, at the movies, while talking on the phone, reading, or otherwise being consumed by another activity. Calories consumed mindlessly add up quickly and can sabotage weight loss efforts. In addition to paying attention when you are eating, chew more. This helps you to slow down and your body to realize sooner that it is full. It also helps to reduce food cravings and aids in digestion.

Involve Others

Let others know of your weight loss goals and efforts. Find an accountability partner, or inform your doctor. The more people who know about your weight loss plans, the more accountable you will be. Letting others know may also help keep you out of tempting situations. You may even find others want to support you or even join you in your efforts. Having a weight loss or exercise buddy can help keep you motivated for longer and make you more successful.

Document Progress

Seeing your own progress and transformation can be extremely motivating. Take before and after pictures. Keep journals regarding your routines, cravings, and exercise. Weigh yourself weekly or daily to see continued success. You can even blog about your efforts and share your struggles and successes to inspire others.

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