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5 Easy Wedding Weight Loss Tips

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Every bride wants to look their best for their wedding and some brides may equate this to losing a few pounds.  For wedding weight loss there is a time restriction as you have ensure that you arrive at your

How to get lean and healthy for your wedding


Wedding weight loss is one of those things that is almost inevitably on every bride’s to-do list. And we’re almost always tempted by the latest fad diet, or that great new ‘trick’ some celebrity is touting.

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Wedding Weight Loss: 10 Tips Every Bride Should Know

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The wedding weight loss run is always challenging and that is why we have these tips for every bride to take into consideration before the big day.

  1. Mark a calendar to lose weight

To lose weight consistently, select a

The Smart Bride’s Approach to Weight Loss


No matter what time of the year, it may be, your wedding is important to you.  However, everyone wants to look their best for the big day but always the bride is the last person to feel fantastic.  Most of