How to get lean and healthy for your wedding


Wedding weight loss is one of those things that is almost inevitably on every bride’s to-do list. And we’re almost always tempted by the latest fad diet, or that great new ‘trick’ some celebrity is touting.

You should forget about it. Slimming down comes from eating properly, not neurotically. You need to ensure you’re eating your daily calorie needs- that’s *needs*, not what you’re accustomed to! And you need to make sure that those calories are coming from limited healthy fats, whole grains, veggies and fruit and lean meat.

What should I avoid?

Your number one killer of any diet is processed foods. Sadly, that means if it is packaged or boxed, it probably needs to come off of your list. Starchy carbohydrates adversely affect most people, and are a leading cause of bloating in women, so you may want to skip the ‘whites’- white rice and bread as well as white potatoes. Cutting down your alcohol intake significantly, or even totally, will have a huge effect. Alcohol sugars are to the best for you, represent empty carbs and also can contribute to bloat. Foods with added sugars are a no-no too. The modern diet is packed with items- usually those pesky processed ones- that are filled with added sugars that are not only unnecessary, or there only to cover up the other tinkering that’s been done [‘no fat foods’, we’re looking at you!] but is contributing to the obesity epidemic worldwide. It’s wise to also avoid artificial sweeteners. Not only do they prevent you conquering your sweet tooth, they can cause bloat and adverse reactions to the sweeteners that will hamper your wedding weight loss.

What do I need to be doing for wedding weight loss?

Drink water. Keeping properly hydrated is the way to avoid bloating, aid digestion and keep skin looking radiant.  Remember to keep it simple and something you’ll stick too. If you’re the sort to love variety, you may enjoy looking up new stimulating recipes, but mostly for a short term bride weight loss plan you don’t need to get too fancy. Keep it simple and something you will stick to, and you’ll reap the benefits. Look to delicious natural treats like apples, bananas and carrots for easy to carry, delicious snacks. Turkey and seafood offer great opportunities for lean and tasty proteins. Eggs- once the bane of the fitness industry- have a ton of great benefits to offer. Carry healthy snacks with you to avoid temptation. If time is limited in the week, take advantage of a ‘prep day’ to get meals cooked in advance so you just have to eat and go. You can also use the time to bag snacks and prepare meats for the week. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence- you just need to keep it under control for the short term because of your wedding weight loss.

With a simple, clear wedding weight loss plan and clean eating, you’ll reap the benefits and look radiant on your special day.

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