5 Easy Wedding Weight Loss Tips

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Every bride wants to look their best for their wedding and some brides may equate this to losing a few pounds.  For wedding weight loss there is a time restriction as you have ensure that you arrive at your weight goal in time for your wedding day. The best weight loss program will not only ensure that you lose your desired amount of weight but that you are healthy before and after the wedding.

The Liquids

  1. Drink WaterWater is the most essential component for your body. Instead of having a fruit juice or a soda make the decision to have water instead. It is a common recommendation to have eight bottles of water per day however the amount of water you need daily is really dependent on your current weight. In order for wedding weight loss to be effective you will need to have your correct fill of water daily. To determine the amount of water you need daily, take your weight and divide it in half and the result is the ounces of water you should drink every day. Water is great is helping your body get rid of toxins and constantly sipping on water will help you to stop over-snacking.
  2. Cut Back on AlcoholAlcohol is packed with calories as one single drink is as much as 150 calories or more. Leave the alcohol for special occasions if you are used to having a few drinks during the week. If you want your wedding weight loss to be successful avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

The Food

  1. Slim Down ServingsThere are experts who have suggested that it is better to have four or five small meals in moderate portions during the day than to have two or three meals in very large portions.Bride weight loss should focus on small portions throughout the day and only taking more if you are still hungry. To help stop you from indulging on one or two big meals take around with you granola bars, fruits and nuts. These help to keep up your energy as well.
  2. Fruits and Vegetables Are Your FriendFor wedding weight loss fruits and vegetables are every bride’s friend. When you practice filling up on fruits and vegetables then you will not have the space for the fattening treats around. In moving your diet to more fruit and vegetable based it is also important to take a daily multivitamin in order to help you stop from going after the snack treats or candy bars.

Get Moving!

  1. Exercise – The calorie burning process can be kick-started with just about 20 minutes of exercise per day and it also helps to boost your energy. For a more serious wedding weight loss aim for an aerobic exercise of 30-45 minutes for 3-4 days per week. Aerobic exercises include running, cycling, swimming, etc.

The main thing to consider when taking on any weight loss program is to ensure that you are not damaging yourself by starving yourself. Bride weight loss can be successful but good practices are necessary.

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